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im bella and im a pissed off cupcake


Imagine being the kid that got benched so your coach could put Airbud the fucking dog in the game

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You have such a huge fan base and it’s such an interesting show. Do your fans ask you for anything unusual? It being such an unusual show.

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Lena Headey at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

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yeah but slow mo

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musical theatre female character meme [3/15] • a female antagonist

→ the leading player  pippin

“i know there are many of you out there waiting to perform that one perfect act…our grande finale! if you decide to do so, we’ll be there…waiting…anytime you want us. why, we’re right inside your heads…and we promise you sets! lights! costumes! and short…but spectacular careers!

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look , i literally can’t stress how cute this deleted parks and rec scene is and im about to lose my fucking shit.

Im in love with Chris Pratt

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They’ll never let her live that one down…

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